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We offer all aspects of WordPress maintenance Toronto. We can look after your entire WordPress website, you’ll never need to touch a thing. From initial website design and development, SEO, hosting & security and ongoing website maintenance, we’ve got your WordPress maintenance needs covered.

WordPress Theme Maintenance, Toronto

We provide WordPress theme maintenance on all the websites we build. Whether it’s a bespoke WordPress theme development, or a carefully selected 3rd party theme if we built your website we’ll always be here to maintain your WordPress theme.

WordPress Content Maintenance, Toronto

While one of the advantages of WordPress is the ability to look after WordPress content maintenance yourself, we understand that many clients don’t have the time, or just don’t want to think about WordPress content maintenance and that’s no problem with us. We’ll be happy to manage your WordPress content maintenance, updates and additions and we have some website maintenance packages created for exactly that.

WordPress Software & Security Maintenance, Toronto

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WordPress software and plugin maintenance has never been so important. With over 75,000,000 WordPress websites online right now, WordPress is a common target for hackers and brute force attacks. While that initially sounds very negative, it actually means that the WordPress security team and the wider WordPress community work tirelessly at keeping WordPress safe and secure, and while no software is perfectly secure, they do a great job. The biggest threat to a WordPress website, however, is out of date software. While WordPress and plugin developers release updated versions on a regular basis, in order to stay ahead of the latest threats – it needs your website admin to install those updates in order to benefit.

We provide WordPress security maintenance as a standard part of our high-performance hosting & security packages, so you never have to worry. As well as undertaking monthly software research and updates, we also update any software immediately upon receiving notifications of any potential vulnerability, which we receive straight to our inboxes. Since implementing these packages, we’ve never had a website suffer a single minute of downtime due to security issues.

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