Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 1

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support this year. During one of the toughest years in recent history (in our parts of the world), we’re in an extremely fortunate position at Moweso that our lives haven’t changed dramatically. Although we’ve had to make compromises, adjust our schedules and manage our workload differently, we’re doing good. Our team is healthy, we’re working, we’re supporting each other, we’re paying bills and for that, we’re extremely grateful. 

A sincere thank you to every one of you that continues to use our services and contributes to keeping our team and our families moving forward.

The 2020 rollercoaster 

Following some ups and downs, 2020 brought about a focus on support and stability at Moweso. During the early Covid months, we really felt the strain of unexpected home and parenting-based demands compromising our ability to meet project deadlines. It took a few weeks of continuous late nights and early mornings to decide that we would stop taking on new business to ensure that we wouldn’t compromise the service we provide to our current clients.

That was absolutely the right decision and after a few more tough weeks catching up on the backlog, order was restored with no negative feedback from any clients. 

During that period, we also experienced some stressful situations and mishaps with a supplier, which led to us spending many weeks migrating client websites to new hosting servers that are now fully managed in-house. With full control and a more advanced platform, our client websites are more secure and stable than they’ve ever been. Our dependencies on others have been reduced as have our stress levels. 

This has been a great move for everyone, and we appreciate the assistance during this transition.

Looking forward at 2021 

Our primary objective for 2021 is to continue to offer excellent support and maintenance for current clients and any new projects they have. 

Secondary to that we will be building a range of websites that are “ready to go”. These websites will be pre-built and provided on a pay-monthly basis with no up-front costs. They will be customized and branded to be completely unique. 

Although these websites are pre-designed and pre-built, they’re not 3rd party templates. They’re all built in-house, so they will still benefit from the same professional quality and high-performance you expect from us. Also, they’re not a DIY solution, these websites are fully-managed and include a monthly budget to maintain and grow your website as needed. You don’t need to get your hands dirty, like most other pay-monthly solutions. 

Pay-monthly websites will likely cater to around 50% of our new projects moving forwards, but for those of you with bespoke needs, building custom websites is still our passion – we’ve got you. 

2020 A personal note

In addition to the pain, struggles, and challenges that Covid has brought to so many this year, 2020 has also provided many reminders about the struggles and challenges people face on a daily basis because of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, social status, place of birth and so much more.

People aren’t just faced with blatant discrimination, but their lives are also shaped by the subconscious biases that we all develop over time based on the people, societies, and cultures that influence our every thought.

Going into 2021 I want to question myself, my thoughts, my decisions and my biases, both personally and in business. I want to understand what part of my subconscious is influencing them. Every name I read, every accent I hear, every skin tone I see, every gender identity I encounter, every stereotype, every label, the list goes on. I want to question my understanding of them all.

  • What do these things mean to me? 
  • How have I been taught to react to them? 
  • Is that reaction fair and justified? 
  • How can I reeducate myself on these things?

I want to listen more and unlearn the things that have contributed towards any unfair biases. I want to do better every day. I want this process to have a positive impact on the people and communities around me and the ways in which I move my business forward.

I don’t typically share my personal feelings in this way, but 2020 has highlighted that issues such as this have a huge reach and that we should all be accountable within our communities.

That got deep. I will stop typing now. As always, I’m here if you have questions. 

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Thanks again for your continued support.

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By Warren Groom

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