Should I Use Social Media for Business?

Should I use social media for business?

Maybe! Just because social media exists doesn’t mean that you have to use social media for business, and there are lots of extremely successful businesses that have never used social media. That said, social media can be a great tool for businesses, especially in community-driven industries.

To assess whether social media is right for your business, you need to consider and answer two main questions, in this order:

  1. What value can we bring to a community on social media?
  2. What business goals will social media support?

How should I use social media for business?

There are many potential uses of social media, but these 3 items are extremely valuable to users when interacting with businesses via social media.

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Community

These “3 C’s” are what makes social media platforms a user-friendly and appealing place to hang out and return too.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t advertise/sell via social media, but we strongly advise that you manage the ratio in a way that your traditional selling-based marketing efforts are secondary to your focus on the 3 C’s. Fast communication, great customer service and positive community engagement can do amazing things for a brand on social media, and it could turn out to be the best marketing you do.

Educate your audience

Education is a great way to encourage engagement and add value for your users. As we cover in our recent article; Blogging: Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps, educating your audience gives them confidence in your business and expertise.

When should I not use social media?

If you don’t have the time commit to managing your social media profiles, then you probably shouldn’t create the accounts.

As a user, there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching out to a business via your favourite social network and not receiving a response, or not receiving a response in good time.

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