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We’ll undertake a free website audit, providing you with an overview of what’s good and what’s not so good with your current website. We’ll assess how Google-friendly it is as well as how it stacks up agains’t your competition.

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Free Website Audit Breakdown of Tasks

Some of the areas we’ll be assessing during our audit.

  • Website Design

    We’ll feedback on the aesthetic look & feel of your website agains’t current standards and user expectations. We’ll assess at all screen sizes: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, HD & 4K.

  • Website Development & Code

    We’ll assess the coding language that your website has been built with. We’ll assess the quality of code, how Google-friendly it is and how future-proof it is.

  • Website Functionality

    We’ll assess how well your website serves your business & customer needs. We’ll make recommendations on how to maximise your website to enhance your business processes.

  • Page Load & Speed Tests

    Your website load time has a huge impact on both the experience to your website visitors, as well as your Google rankings. Decreasing website load times has never been more important.

  • Website Security

    We’ll assess your website agains’t Google’s foundation security expectations. Security is another big factor that can positively (or negatively) affect your websites Google rankings.

  • Search Engine Visibility

    In addition to the above assessments, we’ll look at your page by page data, Google Local Business data and other 3rd party sources that have an impact on your search engine visibility.