Archives: Subscription FAQs

Can I update my own website?

Absolutely. All of our websites come with an easy to manage content management system, allowing you to efficiently update every aspect of the website content. You can update contact details, page by page content, add new blog articles, products, manage online bookings & reservations and much more.

Can you update the website for me?

Sure. Send us a support request with details of the updates needed and we’ll manage your page by page content updates and publish your new blog articles. However, you will need to manage your own specialist facility content e.g. e-commerce products, bookings & reservations, customer memberships etc, if your website includes these features.

How do I pay for my website subscription?

Once we have established the most suitable direction for your awesome new website, we’ll provide you with a link to our secure subscription signup page. From here you can signup to a recurring bill payment using Credit/Debit card via Stripe or PayPal, or you can pay via your PayPal account. Super Simple.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

We allow you to cancel at any time, although we work extremely hard to ensure that you have no reason to. If cancelled, your subscription will continue to the end of the current billing cycle, at which time your website will be removed from public view. If your account isn’t reactivated within 14 days, your… Read more »

What do you need from me?

Your website/business content. You need to provide us with your written content and ideally some real-world images/videos or other media that give a visual of what you do. We’re extremely good at the website stuff, but when it comes to writing about your business, you are the best qualified for that. You understand your business… Read more »

Do you provide websites for the Cannabis Industry?

Absolutely! Assuming that your company is licensed appropriately and otherwise compliant with government requirements, then we’d love to build you a website to advertise your company and products online.

What Industries do you Build Websites for?

We can build websites for companies within any industry. Our professional websites vary in layout, style and the look & aesthetic. They are super flexible and we have websites that work for companies within any industry. We also specialise in the following website functionalities, that cater more to specfic industries. For example: Online Bookings/Reservations Accept… Read more »