Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 1)

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 1) 1

It can be difficult to build an eCommerce website. From site efficiency to user interaction, there are plenty of things to consider. Designing a basic website is one thing, but designing an eCommerce site comes with its own challenges. ECommerce sites are valuable for brand awareness and education online, but they are primarily there to enable customers to shop. In order to make sales, designers have to ensure that the eCommerce website design Etobicoke provides a great user experience, is intuitive, and easy to use.

Match Your Design With Your Products

To make your eCommerce website work, consistency is important. Keeping your template coherent with the products you offer completes your site’s overall look and feel. When designing, ensure that your website is perfectly branded throughout, including photos, colour schemes, messaging, etc. For instance, if your website sells children’s toys, your Website Design Etobicoke should look fun and colourful. And if gadgets are sold on your website, the theme of your design should look techy.

Descriptions And Product Showcase

The purpose of your e-commerce Website Design Etobicoke is to sell products, so it is only fair that your products should be highlighted on your website. Make sure that you are using high-quality photos that will get the attention of the consumer. The bigger the primary images, the better and if you can take pictures in your location, rather than using supplier-provided images, it will add that personal touch for your audience! Your customers will see how great the product looks in real-life and will be more inclined to buy.

Shopping Cart Design

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 1) 2
So many designers are not paying attention to shopping carts, but it’s one of your website’s most extremely important pieces. A good shopping cart should make it as simple as possible for users to add several items, review orders, or delete goods. Make sure that you have functional product photos, ratings, and a quick search facility when creating a shopping cart.

Checkout For Visitors

Today, many eCommerce sites require users to first register and establish an account before making a purchase. Although this is incredibly beneficial because it helps you to connect, follow up, and monitor your customers, many customers don’t really want to do that. Customers want to make their transactions as quick and easy as possible, without worrying about receiving lots of marketing follow-ups because they’re in your database. When you force customers to register before completing their purchase, you run the risk of scaring a number of them away. Where registration is essential due to the nature of your business, ensure that you highlight the reasons why and reassure the customers that by registering, you won’t be hassling them with sales communications following their transaction.

If you can provide a guest checkout eCommerce platform, then give customers that option. Experts agree that guest checkouts help improve transaction rates when eliminating the sign up/registration obstacle.

Easy Checkout Process

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 1) 3
An eCommerce site should also make it as simple as possible for customers to pay for their products. The smoother this process is the more incentive your customers have to buy again. Keep required checkout fields to a minimum, choose a payment gateway that is trusted and provides a seamless experience, and ensure that all on-screen and emailed communications are clear so the customer knows exactly how to checkout and what to expect from you once their checkout process has completed.

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