Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 3)

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 3) 1

Last week, this blog shared information for online sales with an eCommerce website design from Etobicoke. This week, that discussion continues with two final topics: the shopping cart and checkout process.

Every web store needs these two elements to complete a sale – but did you know that most people abandon their shopping carts before the transaction is complete? To fully take advantage of online sales opportunities, you need to understand why customers fail to cross that finish line. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Hidden or extra costs.
  • Demanding registration/personal information.
  • A complicated or confusing checkout process.
  • Website errors, crashed pages, or using alternate domains.
  • Difficulty with payment methods (such as a lack of security or too few payment options).

Optimizing your shopping cart and checkout experience will secure that final transaction, so here are a few tips to make it happen.

Optimizing the Shopping Experience

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 3) 2

As mentioned in our previous blog post, your Etobicoke website design agency will create product pages that guide the customer towards the call to action (CTA), such as an “add to cart” button. They will also ensure that any animations adding the item to the shopping cart are easily understood to avoid confusing the customer.

Once the item is in the cart, you might think the customer is ready to move on to the checkout process – but don’t be too hasty! This is your opportunity to encourage additional sales. Ask your web designer to extend the shopping experience by offering additional or recommended products in a pop-up layer or window.

Once all items have been added to the shopping cart, you can then encourage your customer to move to the checkout with another CTA.

Optimizing the Checkout Experience

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 3) 3

woman hand holding credit card and using laptop making online payment online, online shopping

The checkout experience needs to be easy, simple and seamless to encourage the customer to complete the purchase. Your website design company in Etobicoke can improve your checkout process with the following suggestions:

Be Patient, Not Pushy

  • Let customers checkout as guests instead of demanding registration – but make sure you get their email.
  • Ask for payment information last.

Clarify and Simplify

  • Display information clearly and use progress indicators to keep the customer informed.
  • Don’t surprise the customer with hidden costs.
  • Simplify the process with data validation and autocomplete functions.
  • Avoid asking the customer to repeat information (for example, allow the billing address to be used as the shipping address when possible).

Build Trust

  • Keep the transaction on your domain. Switching to a new site can cause confusion and distrust.
  • Use recognizable signs and symbols, such as credit card logos.

Cart Abandonment Strategies

Things To Consider For Ecommerce Website Design (Part 3) 4

As mentioned above, most shopping carts are abandoned before the transaction can be processed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lost sales opportunity.

Your eCommerce website design from Etobicoke can be set up to capture the customer’s email address early in the checkout process. Once you have their email, you can try recovering the sale by following-up with the customer.

With all of these tips in mind, you now have a fully optimized shopping and checkout experience for your customers. You’ll be ready to launch your eCommerce web store!

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