If you received my business card with a little red sticker attached, then I would love to work with you on upgrading your website.

Why did you receive this offer?

You didn’t receive my card randomly, I specifically choose your business for this upgrade promotion after looking at your current online presence. I am able to bring a lot of value to your business by upgrading your website and ensuring that it is up to modern standards and accessible by anyone, on any device.

A few of the most important reasons to upgrade your website include:

  • Making it Google “mobile friendly”. For a couple of years now, Google has been tagging web pages as “mobile friendly” in their search results, providing the web page meets the Google mobile friendly criteria. As of May this year, Google changed their search results algorithm, now ranking “mobile friendly” web pages higher than non-mobile friendly pages (assuming other ranking actors are comparable). The logic being that if a page is displayed properly on a mobile screen as well as a larger screen, that page offers more value to it’s audience than one that doesn’t.
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  • Making the code readable by Google. If your website wasn’t built professionally, uses an off the shelf template or was developed a number of years ago, Google may have a hard time reading your website code. If Google can’t read your website properly, it won’t rank your website well in its search results.
  • It’s broken. If the entire website or elements of your website are broken, I can help get you back up and running and ensure that your entire website is accessible by everyone.
  • It provides a poor user experience. If your website is difficult to navigate, doesn’t work well for touch screen users or has no logical content structure, your users are going to be frustrated and go elsewhere.
  • You have out of date third party functionality. If your website is dependent on third party tools for things like online sales, mailing lists and booking systems etc, and those facilities are out of date, it’s time to modernize every aspect of your site.

I have also chosen a number of companies that I think are awesome.

If I like what you do or you’re supporting others on a day to day basis, I want to work with you even more. If my work can contribute towards a better life for others, please get in touch.

I’d love to discuss the needs of your business and your customers, and ensure that your website is serving those needs 100% and continues to evolve with the needs of your organisation.

This offer applies to my specialty services:

Reservation & Appointment Websites Ecommerce Websites Membership Websites

Do you want me to take a look at your company website? I can ensure that its always fast and accessible for your audience.

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